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unrequited love status

unrequited love status

Unrequited love status; is the experience of being in love with someone who does not return your feelings of love. Typical “symptoms” of being in love, in general, include intrusive thoughts and fantasies about the loved one, feeling elated and energized, difficulty sleeping and eating, and other symptoms of general physiological arousal such as rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, and trembling hands. It is characterized most importantly by a strong desire for emotional union and to a (minusculely) lesser degree, sexual union. It is experienced as involuntary, out of one’s control, as something that just happens. The most intense phase of being in love lasts 12-36 months, with about 18 months being the average length of time.
1.Does unrequited love become requited?
Ans-Yes, love is not a name to ask, love only gives.
2. Is unrequited love common?
Ans-It is not important to read and write in love because love is an inner feeling.
As I dug around for descriptions and experiences of unrequited love, seeking enlightenment, seeking company for my misery, I found that the experience referred to as unrequited love is most often treated with condescension, casually dismissed, or pathologized as some sort of character flaw. A major reason why the idea of this website seemed to get kind of stuck in my mind was the desire to refute this inaccurate characterization and argue for the more generous viewpoint of unrequited love as love – nothing more and certainly nothing less than the feelings we all experience at the outset of a romantic passion. unrequited love status

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I offer that unrequited love is simply romantic love or passionate love that for whatever reason does not result in a relationship. It is the same complex mix of feelings, thoughts, and motivations experienced by lovers everywhere. Unrequited love, having no place to express and nurture itself, spins around and around like a whirlpool inside the would-be lover. It lasts just as long (1-3 years), is just as all-consuming, and can be just as transformative.

Of course, unrequited love, like reciprocated romantic love, does not involve the level of intimacy of a longterm committed relationship. However, it is a mistake to assume unrequited love is short-lived, fairly easy to get over, or has the emotional depth of a pre-teen’s crush on a film star. What makes me an expert, you ask? Well, nothing, really. I am a social scientist, but not a research scientist. Other than summaries of others’ work, most of what I offer here is personal observation and open to debate.

The intention of this website is to explore the nature of unrequited love from both experiential and social psychological perspectives. It includes a participatory discussion of unrequited love from a non-pathologized viewpoint, recommended links and books that might be of help or interest to the unrequited lover, an open invitation to participate in surveys on the experience of unrequited love from the perspectives of the rejected would-be lover and/or the object of unsolicited affection, prose poetry based on the site author’s personal experience (forgive me), and a blog of the author’s personal experience with unrequited love.
First and foremost, the most obvious cost to me seems to be the blows to our ego we take as we so badly want to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same way. Even true caring from a friend you are in love with can feel like a pity when this unrequited love dynamic is playing out. It’s embarrassing, exhausting, and ultimately fruitless.
You can end up feeling very badly about yourself as you examine all the “reasons” for why your loved one does not love or desire you. Some advice regarding this in particular: Don’t ask your loved one what they don’t see in you, they aren’t going to tell you and will only become more frustrated and uncomfortable when you insist they can say more than just “you’re a nice guy/girl, but I just don’t see you that way.” Furthermore, you probably don’t want to know whatever it is that they don’t see in you. Chances are it will be something about what you look like or who you are as a person that you had hoped either your clothing or the more positive aspects of your personality compensated for, or even worse, it will be something about who you are that you hadn’t particularly seen as a liability, at which point you have a whole new set of insecurities to worry about.

The second most obvious cost is how emotionally unavailable we are to anyone else during this period of being intensely in love. We can intellectually understand we need to be trying to date, but it is very difficult to put any kind of real effort into dating someone who is not our loved one. It can be so frustrating because the period of time we are simply not able to be interested in anyone else can be quite a long time.

Other costs that I can think of include not paying enough attention to the important people in our lives at the time (family, friends, pets), neglecting school or work responsibilities sometimes to the point of considerable negative consequences, and the general physical stress of being so worked up all the time (with good feelings or with bad feelings).

Did you ever go to a magic show when you were younger? Do you know the rabbit out of the hat trick? The magician waves his magic wand over the hat, say a few words, and pulls a rabbit out of the hat! Of course, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that the rabbit has been waiting in a box below the tabletop, and has been pulled up through the hat from there. The trick might entertain you, but you know it’s a trick and the mystery is one of suspended disbelief at best.

But there are other kinds of magic shows….like the ones where the magic is truly amazing, and you have no idea how it happens. A deck of cards floating out over the audience, say, or the air sparkling, shimmering to reveal a tiger! These are the kinds of magic shows I prefer.

Romantic love, including unrequited love, maybe a magic trick of sorts. The variables may come together in a way that makes it look as if magic has occurred. We can either look closely at the setup, check under the table for the rabbit-box, push through the bottom of the top hat, and go “Oh! So that’s how it fooled me, that’s why I fell in love with this person at this time in my life! I was lonely, he reminded me of the older neighbor I had a crush on, I was ready to get married, she treated me really well, the sexual chemistry is great, we have the same values….” Or, we can choose to see love as a type of mystery, an unknown that if it is a magic trick, it’s so sophisticated and wondrous that we are totally enraptured by its presence. And we go “Oh! What’s happening to me? This is amazing, this makes no sense in my life right now, this is out of nowhere, this is truly cupid’s arrow, this must be god’s plan for me….” I choose to see my love as rapture, not rabbits, even though it’s unrequited.

Unrequited love status

1. Do you pine or long for someone who's not feeling the same way?

2. Is there someone you're dating, with, or were dating who is now becoming distant and you think you're losing her?

3. Is there someone you would love to have but just can't seem to get her?

4. Is there someone you think about constantly?

5. Are you 'just friends' with someone you want more with?

6. Has she told you something like "You're a nice guy? I just have a lot of stuff going on right now".

7. Are you sick of just waiting for her to notice you and what a great guy you are?

8. Are you sick of feeling powerless to 'make' her want to be with you?

9. Maybe you've been in this position before and want to prevent it from happening again.

10. Do you wonder:

11. Is she spending time with someone else?

12. Am I 'below' her?

13. Let me guess...You think about her constantly. She is so beautiful and everything she does is so right. Its almost frustrating how good she is.

14. Sometimes you think about you and her doing things together, sometimes you wonder if she's spending time with someone else. Maybe you bring her name up in conversation with your friends or family.

15. Maybe you've asked your friends for advice...and surprise surprise it was useless advice.

16. You want her so much...

17. You would be such a good boyfriend too. Kind, caring, loving. Just one problem. She doesn't want you.

"Unrequited love sayings..."
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1. It can become all-consuming. Constantly thinking up new ways to approach it and win her over.

2. "Maybe if I call and tell her that I really care for her".

3. "Maybe if I call and act aloof and tell a couple of jokes and then end the call first".

4. "Maybe I won't call her at all and she'll start thinking of me".

5. Constantly coming up with game plans that you know at some level really aren't going to work.

6. Once it gets to this stage it is too late for a few 'gambits' to win her.

7. Maybe this has happened to you before. Perhaps even with someone who at the start was into you but she lost attraction for you along the way...

8. "You're a nice guy but I just have a lot going on right now. My work is getting crazy and I'm not sure what I want right now".

9. Ok. Right.

10. If she feels a strong attraction to you she will walk on hot coals for just one more kiss from you of an evening.

11. So unless she's solely responsible for world peace and the fate of the world will be determined by her actions over the next 6 months she ain't too busy, and she does know whats going on: She isn't attracted to you. That's whats going on.

12. You know how I know this situation.

13. Because it happened to me. It used to at least. Many times. It's one of the most frustrating things in life. Wanting to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you.

14. The evolutionary and biological urge to procreate is the strongest urge that humans have. She is a human and she has this urge too.

15. She really wants to be with someone. It's just not you...yet.

16. She is looking for someone. If you wait, she will find someone. Someone else.

17. Maybe she's already dating other guys. Maybe she's sleeping with other guys.

18. If she's not now, she will be soon enough.

19. Winning over someone who initially hasn't gone for you, or is losing their attraction and needs for you, is very different from getting someone in the first place.

20. There are a few key things you need to do, otherwise, you won't win her over.

21. When you first meet someone you have a clean slate.

22. If you initially meet someone, say at a bar, you can walk up with fake confidence even though you're scared to death inside, smile, throw out a funny joke or some other gambit and escalate, get a phone number and away you go.

23. If she's losing attraction for you or has met you and isn't interested 'in that kind of way' you could deliver jokes to her as well as Jerry Seinfeld, but this ain't going to change her mind. It is at a much deeper level than that that you'll have to change her.

24. The sad reality is that most guys never get the woman they truly want. The one they truly pine for evades them. They just don't know how to win her over.

Unrequited love quotes literature...

· "Well, I gave it a shot. I guess I'll just never have her".

· Or...

· Or more commonly someone else comes along who they like, but don't feel anywhere near the same for her and they just accept fate and be with this new woman.

· Thing is...

· Without knowing the secrets to win over an unrequited love its nearly impossible.

· You know the movies where the guy pines over the woman and she never realizes what she had there all along and they eventually get together. Isn't that nice?

· Reality check. It is Hollywood. And they make these movies because they know this is what you really want to happen. It is not reality. It is a movie. It ain't going to happen.

· And, using normal 'pick-up' material isn't going to work either. There are specific differences to win over an unrequited love as compared to a new love.

· But don't worry. I've discovered the secrets of how to actually win her over.

· The hard way. The very hard on...

· Some will offer the advice: "Just forget about her. There is plenty of fish in the sea".

· Or "Just be yourself. She'll come to her senses".

· Or "You're better off starting afresh with another. It's too hard to get someone once they're switched off".

· Well..."Forget her? Why. I don't want to. I want her".

· You don't want to just forget her and settle for someone you like but you'd rather be with someone else. A lot of guys just leave it and it never works out with the women they're really interested in.

· Where there's a will there's away.

· Creating world peace. Stopping climate change. Climbing Everest blind.

· These are hard things to do.

· You're not trying to land a man on the moon or create an invention that will transform the world as we know it today. It's a lot simpler than that.

· You just want to get the girl.

· "Its too hard once they're not into you"??? Wrong.

· Maybe you think "If I'd just called her less often, maybe she'd think I'm not so needy. Should I call now?" or maybe you think that wearing a blue shirt instead of the green shirt will work.

· This surface-level stuff has virtually no effect. Women go out with guys with blue and green shirts and you know that this will make no difference at all really.

· But it is possible to win someone over after they initially don't want you. I've done it. Many of my clients have done it. Like anything else you just need to know the steps to take, and then take them.

· But it's not something many people know how to do. To turn around the feelings of another person really took me a long time to learn how to do it.

· I've discovered the secrets of how to do it.

· Once you know how to do it you never need pine or long for someone again. In fact, it will put you in the driver's seat with this and all future relationships. If a girl likes you off the start great. If she doesn't...that fine too. Just apply what you're going to learn here and you can have her.

· This gives you true freedom in choosing partners then. You're not just limited to those women who like you straight up. You can have whoever you want.

· Attraction, love, lust and so on are all feelings.

one-sided love quotes from novels...

Feelings that have a cause. Your behaviors to this point have caused her to feel the way she does now. If there is a change in your behaviour there will be a change in the way that she feels about you.

As an example...if you changed your behavior to walking around with your pants around your ankles yelling "I'm a baby and I need my diaper changed" do you think the way she, and everyone else, feels towards you would change? Of course, it would.

So what behaviors do you need to exhibit in order to make her feel love, lust, attraction, wanting, needing and all the feelings for you that you want her to when she isn't at the moment? Hint: it's not the one above. It will cause feelings of 'get the heck away from me'. You're probably smart enough to know that.

But you currently don't know what the behaviors are that will cause her to feel the way you want her to. If you did, you'd already been doing them and already have her as yours. Once you change your behaviours you will change the way she feels towards you and she will be yours.

These feelings can be turned on. Once their off or going off the way you need to turn them on is very different from turning them on in the first place. It's not necessarily harder, but it is different.

What you're doing now isn't working.

There's no use in keeping on doing it. If you do, you'll just get more of the same.

You need to learn what behaviors will cause her to feel the way you want her to and then exhibiting those behaviors.

You will need to make a change. If you just continue to do what you're doing you will just reap more of the same. More of her not wanting you and not feeling for you. More of her spending time with other people over and above you. More of her being 'busy'. More time without her. You need to change her.

In order to change your behaviors you will need to change from the inside out. Once you change your ínner game' as its called, then the behaviours that you need to exhibit will come quite naturally.

But you will also simply need to know exactly what behaviors to exhibit to get her. I'll show you how to do both.

It is possible to win the heart of the one you truly want, even when they don't want you...yet. Stop wishing things were different and start creating the relationship you want, with the one you want...

"You know that girl you really want but can't have. I can show you how to get her."

If you don't get her, I'll give you your money back.

This stuff is so predictable that I know it will work. It's automatic. She doesn't decide who to want. Its a gut-level feeling that's turned on by certain behaviors.

These behaviors are different to what you're doing now and they're different from the ones you need to exhibit when you first meet a woman.

Just learn what they are, do them, and thank me later.

What you're doing right now that virtually stops her from ever being able to want you. As soon as you stop these your chances go up immediately by stopping these behaviors alone.

What you're doing right now that's basically driving her into the arms of another man, or other men. This hurts, but again as soon as you know what you're doing wrong you can stop it.

The differences between attracting a woman at the start and when she hasn't initially fallen for you. This is key. You can win someone over after they haven't fallen for you straight off the bat, but you need to know the key differences and do them.

The exact behaviors that will make her start to want you, be attracted to you and 'fall' for you even though she really doesn't now. It's automatic. She won't be able to help it.

To get her to not want to see anyone else but you, and to see you as being the stand out the guy in her life...ever. Someone special.

The differences between winning someone over in the first place and after she has lost or never had an attraction for you.

To get her to feel physical attraction towards you even if she currently feels absolutely none. It can be turned on at any time. This is obviously important. Its what you want, and what she will want too.

To get her to see you as being at, or even above, her 'level'. People tend to date and sleep with people they see as being at or above their 'level'.

To get her to start actually chasing you. This is easier than you think and you get it started almost straight away. Its really quite simple and has incredible effects.

To erase anything 'dumb' you have already said or done that you think is causing her to not like you.

How to use the secret 'boyfriend/girlfriend language to develop a bond. Have you ever noticed couples seem to have their own language? That no one else understands? And that just when you're around. When they're alone its 10 fold and develops a strong bond between them.

When to call her and what to say. You can't constantly call and say "I love you" but without contacting her she may never contact you. I'll show you how to contact her without seeming needy.

How to get her to want to spend time with you.

Stop her wanting to be with other men or even thinking about it.

To get her to call you, email you and seek your attention.

How to handle it when you just really want to call her and tell her you really want her.

How to handle things when you see her out, at work, at a party, etc.

How to get her to think about you when you're not with her. This is gold. This is a huge secret to making people fall for you. Once she's doing this, she's yours.

What to say and do when she says she's 'busy'. She's lying. When you meet someone you really want you'll do anything to be with them. You'll re-organize your schedule to make time for them.

What to say and do when she tells you she's "got a lot going on and you're a nice guy but I just can't see anyone at the moment". Again...She's lying. When you meet someone you really want you'll do anything to be with them.

Simply to get her to be yours. In the end this is what you want. To have her as yours. I'll show you exactly how to go about it...step by step. Just having a smile and being confident isn't going to work. You need a lot more than that and I will take you through it step by step.

What to do, how to behave once she is yours and you're together. This is vital. Once she is dating you and wanting you remember how bad it felt not having her. You don't want to go back there do you?

The exact action sequences that you'll need to take from Unrequited Love to Lover. I've put down a game plan for you that will work beyond your belief. Keep going with it though...even after she's yours.

What isn't in the book:

Unrequited love status

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