[SUPER] 1000 Sad quote about relationships ᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ

Quotes about happiness and smiling.Being happy is a boon for nature given to human beings, when we are happy, then there is a strange atmosphere of happiness all around, wants to live forever in such an environment but it is not so. The pleasure has to be called, it has to be solved in its own way, so the happiness does not remain with us all the time, then we should get as much time as possible when we meet the time, Between our own people should continue growing among the people of our society so that the happiness grows by sharing, so why are we skeptical in distributing their smiles to our happiness? Therefore, there are some "Quotes about happiness and smiling" in terms of happiness, which will bring happiness to you Will give big.
v  I will be fine
v  We die in the end.
v  Life is sad.
v  so young so damaged.
v  I'm slowly giving up.
v  Failure is not the last.
v  Have we ever met?
v  Tired of being lonely
v  You broke me, thank you
v  I'm slowly giving up…
v  I hate that I love you.
v  I was crying last night.
v  Emptiness seems so heavy.
v  Tears come from the heart.
v  Looks bad today ...!
v  Nobody thinks I put in.
v  It is sad to be happy alone.
v  Why can not you just be happy?
v  I feel alone without you
v  Dear stress let's break up!
v  The night gets sorrow.
v  I hate that I'm still hoping.
v  we were. And then we were not.
v  I'm just sad and disappointed.
v  People change, not memories.
v  Sometimes love is not enough.
v  Sadness is not as heavy as guilt.
v  You know my name, not my story.
v  Broken hearts give heart break.
v  Life gives much more pain than death.
v  I'm not okay but i smile anyways.
v  I am not worthy of being in love.
v  Why did I ever sliding you?
v  Come back to me I need your love.
v  It is hard to hide the pain.
v  being ignored worst feeling ever.
v  I favourite and that i favourite and that i lost you.
v  Dear Pillow sorry for all the Tears.
v  I'm sad but I smile. That's my life.
v  If love can get faded, then it can be so painful.
v  I need some time alone with myself.
v  It is sad to be happy alone in life.
v  I am not happy about life without you.
v  Life is a series of disappointments.
v  I'm missing you and it's killing me.
v  Silence is the most powerful scream.
v  I wish I could get all the pain out
v  Let American state die initial or let American state die double
v  One morning you are afraid to live.
v  The past is something that you can not let go.
v  Someday this pain will be useful to you.
v  Tears are words that can not express heart.
v  Love is so small and forgetting so long
v  It's OK to be a little sad sometimes.
v  Did i change or you stopped loving me
v  You killed the one who had the good in me.

v  No one can ever perceive what proportion it hurts
v  The worst thing of my life was losing you.
v  I feel like I am my only friend.
v  Pain is that the solely factor that produces American state feel alive.
v  I tried to catch him, but I pulled my eyes out.
v  I'm not good, I'm just good at showing off.
v  You will never find it until you experience it.
v  I tried to catch him, but I pulled my eyes out.
v  The stains you can see are the hardest to repair.
vI do not think you know what you're doing for me.

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