[Best]2000 deep love quote for her ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)2019

For your lover or girlfriend, those who express a feeling of emanating from your heart may be like the one who touches the heart, such a touching heart has given some "deep love quote for her" Will help a lot.

1.Your love is the power to live me, the ray of hope is in a desperate life.

2.My tears are testimony to my love. 

3.Sometimes I think that I am not worthy of your love because your love makes me small.

4.Love will love you so much love will say that I am worthy of your love.

5.If love can be found by erasing itself, then I will do it.

6.Although my understanding is not understood by your understanding but love can be found, therefore love is not an object.

7.On the day you understand love, you will accept me.

8.I have screwed my love with tears.

9.Your love is no less than a boon for me.

10.If you are with you, then every difficulty in life will be easily cut.

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