[SUPER] Love quotes for him ( ͡° ͜V ͡°)

Love quotes for him,  love of love is like something in front of which all the intoxication gets faded. The experience I see all the world colorful and humorous as if the entire world is its own house, the whole human family says so because of love-hate There is no enemy for anybody, nor does anyone have any kind of fondness in his eyes.

1. True love is that, which raises your soul, brings more happiness, creates fire in the heart and reaches the mind. I hope to give you forever!
2. Whenever I look at you and see my whole life in front of my eyes !!
3. The best and most beautiful things in this world can not be seen or heard, but they can be felt by heart !!
4. If you have lived a hundred days, I want to live only ninety days, so that I have to live without you ever!
5. Does the color show a lot of life, what is the Inupiaq, there is no limit to love, and love is the limit of love in every age !!
6. I chose you. Even if I have many other opportunities, I will choose only you again and again, even without losing any moment.
7. The bond of marriage breaks with the lack of love, not the lack of friendship !!
8. after you feel that you just wish to pay your entire life with some other person, then you want your remaining life to start as soon as possible !!
9. The heart is with everyone, but not everyone is happy !!
10. I was thinking about you, and I was surprised that for how long you were in my mind then I realized: Since you met me, you never left me!
11. Through your name, we have so much love that in your anger, you are smiling when you hear your name !!
12. Love is like war: it is easy to start, but very difficult to stop it !!
13. I do not want to be filled with your life, but you want life as long as you are with you !!
14. Your memories keep me awake, your dreams keep me happy, and keep you alive with me !!
15. Of course, you can get angry at me, but do not forget that in the rage do not forget that we love you very much !!
16. By listening to my heart's heart by listening to the chest, every moment just takes your name !!
17. Do not ask that I love you so much, just know that I love you only and love you unknowingly!
18. When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you. When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you. Now that I like you, I'm afraid to lose you !!
19. These breaths are my life, my love, and my love, but I need more and more just to perfect everything.
20. Love is an indomitable power when we try to control it, it destroys us when we try to capture it, then it makes us slaves when we try to understand it, So crazy !!
21. To love you with your heart and to take you in your arms is my hobby now !!

22. Throughout this whole, my eyes only keep looking for you !!

23. Maybe I am not a perfect person, but no matter, because now I have found you to fulfill myself !!
24. It was wrong to hear that love happens with the eyes, hearts also steal those who do not lift the eyelids !!

25. You always give me this feeling that I am the most fortunate person in the world !!

26. If you are in my arms then everything is right in the world for me !!

27. Where did we know what would happen, just one you met and life became our love !!
28. You do not change anytime, because I have loved you just like you!

29. You are in my life, so thank you every day for life !!

30. Love is like air, you can not see it but you can feel it !!

31. I do not know, I am sorry, forgive me, my God, I will come to you at the rate, to go through her street !!
32. When our relationship with the heart was very wonderful, you made the brains bigger !!

33. Your smile keeps me alive !!

34. All the time you spend with me is like a great name for me, which can be humming anywhere !!

35. After all, you did not understand the cold of love, how much you had explained that I have loved you.

Heart Touching Love Quotes in Hindi for Girlfriend
36. You know that you are in love then you can not sleep because reality is more than your dream !!

37. Every breath smells sweet in life when someone says that he lives in my heart !!

38. No flower is as beautiful as you are, where the stars are not as bright as you, and this life is nothing without you !!
39. Seeing you smiling for the first time it looked as if the whole world has become a new and harmonious person !!

40. What do you say about how sweet your words are, how are you drinking the faint tea sitting in front of you !!

41. Since you have met you and left to think about someone !!

42. Wish this time to turn back, and you can get early in life so that more can love you !!
43. How much of these chilies are too insignificant, it is very cold, but the heart is smiling !!

44. His eyes were so deep that swim came but it was good to be drowning !!

45. Finding that face, in the memory of that face, in the morning!
46. ​​There are no two such accidents in the past, we separate from you, you are not ours !!

47. I also know that you are not mine, do not make it happen again and again!

48. There will be no compulsion that he does not remember, if you have a heart, you should have an excuse to cry!

49. On his way, he met his first meeting,
    She was again shocked,
Dil Toh Hum Do Hum Doing Ourself
to your heart…
But this heart did not have the courage to do so.

50. It's hot weather and a sad night
That's what the meeting got, what kind of meeting it is,
The heart is beating but there is no sound,
He also took the beating with the strange thing!

51. When my friend near me, why should I go through the limit,
Make me your own, or I become her.
Let me touch you with the lips, breathe in the breath,
If you say that once and for me, I myself should be absorbed in you.

52. Tera Joe got mixed in the heart
I will never leave you, I have always dreamed every moment.

53.Did not know what life is before you meet
In the life you came, I started soya Armaan

54. You are connected to me, now everybody loves me
With all your affection, every moment of my life starts to smell

55. Do not know when the door pulled you
Having found me, my lamps became beautiful

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