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love life quotes The less you try to understand the depth of love, the less it is that whatever is said to be less is a select few "love life quotes" for you -


Loving, loving looting is the most important duty of a man. Whatever generously you will give, it will enrich your life in unexpected ways.
-Jesus Christ

Whatever the love,
Do not you know
The difference is found,
Hours got solved - Kabirdas

Love is infinite faith, infinite patience and infinite force.

Love is from the soul, not from the body.
-Bhavatyacharan Verma

Love and doubt never go together.
-Khaliel gibran

There is only one word of love and that is the service.
- Premchand

Love is sacred and best from all relations of the world.
- Premchand

The history of purity of love is the history of human civilization, its life.
-Sharat Chandra Chatterjee

Love is not bought, it offers itself.
-Long fellow

The power of love is 1000 times more powerful and permanent than the power of punishment.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Love is a transparent curtain between two lovers.
-Khaliel gibran

Love is more powerful than death, death is more powerful than life. Even knowing this, there is a narrow border between humans and humans.
-Khaliel gibran

Love is in pain and tired, all tired.
Ram Viaggi do not live, if it is bora. -Kabirdas

Love is not only on our neighbors or friends, but also on those who are our enemies. -Mahatma Gandhi

The unfathomable object that conquers all the weaknesses of man is the greatest gift of God in my thoughts.
-Dodh Radhakrishnan

True love does not appear by praise, it appears from service.
-Mahatma Gandhi

In true love, man forgets himself.
 -Swami Ramesharth

Only love has the right to disagree.
-Swami Ramesharth

Every person becomes a poet with the touch of love.

In our differences, if love is not awake, then the world is a prison for us.
-Ravindranath Thakur

Love pianas who drink, Shesh Dakshina payable.
Cobbler could not give Sis, the name of love -Kabirdas

Swamy, we are you one, give ear to listening.
Towel to mind with mind, I do not have two minds. -Rasinidhi

When you decide about someone, you forget to love.
- Mother Teresa

True love is not in Milan, it is in turmoil.
-Rahim poet

Ishq made us useless, or else we were the man's work.
-Miraj Ghalib

Where there is no love and devotion, there is no divine.
- Guru Ramdas

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